Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Singer Characteristics

I had a chance recently to meet one of the coordinators for a local opera program based in Madison, Opera for the Young. It's an opera company that condenses entire operas to four singers and then takes it on the road to various elementary schools throughout the Midwest. I can only dream of being involved in a program like that in the future. Anyway, the coordinator spoke on topics of what they expect in a singer they are considering hiring them. A few of the things were obvious, but a few other things she mentioned I haven't really thought of before, and I'd like to share them with you.

- Being a good communicator in all aspects.
- Being a timely responder to emails, phone calls, etc.
- Being ready for the gig you are auditioning for. You don't want to go into an audition for a gig your voice can't handle at the time.
- Being able to represent the company well; a singer might have 'the voice' but if they're not a 'good egg' it's very unlikely they'll be hired.
- For this kind of opera for children, a singer must be able to easily interact with children.
- Being able to speak and represent yourself well in front of people.
- Having a simple, honest resume.


  1. Let's find some kids to interact with. You can practice making them giggle and smile, and I can take pictures of them doing it. Win-win.