Monday, April 19, 2010

Singing in Other Languages Lecture

Once again in my opera workshop class I had the opportunity to listen to another helpful lecture. This time the professors of the class spoke on the difficulties of singing in different languages. They provided helpful tips as well. Here are a few I find really helpful and interesting:

-You must sound stylistically different in each language you sing. German shouldn't have a French feeling and vice versa.

-Be careful of which native singers you listen to. Some of their singing diction isn't always correct.

-In French if you master the schwa and the umlaut perfectly, you can usually coast through the rest of the language.

-German and other Germanic languages are so different than English because they use pure vowels Americans are not used to. Americans need to master pure vowels to sing successfully in German.

I should be back with more information after next week's lectures!

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