Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break Singing Adventure

After taking a break from posting to catch up on homework and practice, I'm finally back with a new story and new experience. Over spring break my mom told me about an opportunity to audition for the Fox television show Glee which focuses on a high school show choir. Apparently a local casting call was taking place at a restaurant and participants got a chance to have their auditions recorded and uploaded free of charge. Singers could also upload their own video to the competition website. During the recorded audition contestants were given time to introduce themselves and then sing a song chosen from the public domain. Then local judges are supposed to pick the top ten from the local auditions and the public is free to vote for any of the top ten singers. The one with the most votes at the end wins and in return gets a 'golden ticket' pass to a real Glee audition with the producers of the show.

This past Thursday I participated in this audition and I believe it went over well. The one thing I struggled with, however, was my spoken introduction. Normally I have what I want to say planned out and occasionally I forget something I want to say and I freeze up. This indeed happened during my audition on Thursday and I struggled with remembering what I wanted to say. Otherwise my singing went really well and I felt I gave a strong audition. However, from this experience, I think the next time I have to include a spoken introduction, I need to simply speak slower and not feel so lost when I forget to say something. I think if I can do those simple things, my next introduction won't be so choppy.

Hopefully the video for my audition will be up soon! I'll definitely be posting the link when it does!


  1. Your intro. was great. You were smiling, lively, animated, and confident. Good job.

    Post the link so everyone can see you and vote.