Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Memorizing Music

It's getting to the crunch time of the semester when all of my repertoire must be memorized and perfected. Some semesters I struggle with memorization and others I can put a song to memory in no time. I think, to get a good start at memorization, you must start with a plan in mind from the beginning. Here are some helpful steps I hope to continue to follow when it comes to music memorization.

1. Look up the word for word translation (if not in your native language) for every single word. This is so you know the entire meaning of what you're saying, and meaning helps jog memory.

2. Then one should listen to the piece, only a few times, not so many times so that you learn the song from another singer's interpretation.

3. Learn the rhythm.

4. Speak out the words in the correct rhythm.

5. Then begin learning and memorizing the melody. I usually plunk out the notes on a piano and then sing that phrase.

In order to solidify the entire piece, sometimes coming at the words from the last part of the piece and working toward the beginning helps a bit better.

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