Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Jury and Beyond...

As you know, my jury was last week and all in all it went great! It's the best I've felt walking out of that hall in all of my years here. I remembered all of my words in French (the song I chose to begin with was Que fais tu blanche tourterelle) and the French sounded great in my voice. All of my teachers said that song showed a great improvement in my vocal and performing techniques. The faculty then asked for my Wolf selection In dem Schatten meiner locken, which went well also. Overall, the faculty said I could improve on some of my German diction, details in my phrasing and my presentation of the character in both songs.

My voice teacher said I earned a well deserved A in voice this semester. Although I struggled, I got it all together in the end and finished strong.

As for the summer, one of my goals is to learn Una voce poco fa, a Rossini aria as well as to learn some French and German diction. I also hope to play more piano, since I haven't actually sat down to play an actual piano piece in over a year.

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