Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Upcoming Jury

My voice final exam, or jury, is in less than six days. I get to choose my first song out of the music I've been studying this semester. The song I plan to start with is "Que fais tu blanche tourterelle?" from the opera Romeo et Juliette by Charles Gounod. In this song I am singing the aria of Stefano, Romeo's page. It's a song that stays in the passaggio, or transitional section of the female voice usually ranging from E to G. It's a tiring song since it works all of my passaggio and also includes numerous melismas. My voice teacher has told me, to keep the melismas still sounding boyish, I need to keep the sound in my throat more and not so much my head. It's been difficult to bring my sound back down, but it's paying off. There is also a run up to a high C and back down at the very end of the piece that I've also spent a lot of time on. To make it sound the best and go the most smoothly I've found that starting with the mouth shape of a vocal, vertical e then moving my mouth into a smile shape as I go up the scale works great.

Hopefully everything goes alright with this aria as well as the songs to follow. I'll keep you updated!

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